Transpondency 05 – Moxie Pocket Podcast

March 21, 2006

Adam X and Kitty Kindra talk about Moxie Pocket and Two Men with Fore Skin plus a clip from the movie theatre with Dr Lickalottapus before Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.


Moxie Pocket 01

March 21, 2006

Episode 01: Fortune Crusher

Adam X and Kitty Kindra try to do their own comedy talk show



March 20, 2006

Chocolate Covered Hi-Tops

Watch the video

Suburban Transpondency presents…
anntimate cafe concert with Chocolate Covered Hi-Tops and Joline Baylis


March 5, 2006

Podmovie – Block Party Review

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Two Men with Fore Skin go to the movie theatre to see Dave Chappelle’s Block Party