Episode 62 – Puke Travel Speed!

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Our Libsyn.com podcast host is no allowing us to upload files and post to our regular rss feed. Also, our corner of the world has been hit with power gale force winds, knocking out power. The lights just came on this morning. This episode was recorded on Monday. Hopefully, by next week, things will be back to normal.

2 Responses to Episode 62 – Puke Travel Speed!

  1. Kitty says:

    I am listening to the puke review. I can’t help but laugh my head off. I saw it happen from inside the car. All of a sudden, this orange puke explodes on the outside of that little triangle window a the back of the car. When we got out of the car later, there was a huge mess racing down the side of the car. It looked like someone threw a bucket of chunky orange paint all over it. Hilarious, but sad. Ironically, there was actually a barf bag in the pocket on the back of the passenger car seat. Too late.

  2. Travel says:

    Bookmark to travel

    Bookmark to travel

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