Lampooned: F*CK Viacom

This YouTube video respondence was sent to me today. It’s from “AvidWatcher99” who just started a new account April 3, 2007. His first uploaded video seems to be produced specifically to attack little old me. At the end is a message: “Opinions and like all assholes. We all have them. And yes, most of them are just loud & stinky.”

I’ll just jump to another unsubstantiated conclusion, AvidWatcher99’s video is counter propaganda designed to disrupt the goodwill my Fuck Viacom clip has generated in the YouTube community. Who is this guy working for and how much is he getting paid? I can’t believe someone would waste so much time and energy producing a video like that just to bash me. He’s probably a standup comic or comedy writer or something like that.

I’m actually kinda flattered by his respondence. If you’ve done something to inspire such a lampooning, you’re on the right track. I’ll admit, I was a little worried at first. I thought “Oh shit, they’re gunning for me now”. I reacted defensively. When you put yourself out there, you have to expect to become a target. Especially the videos and podcasts I produce which rely on sponatenous, subjective opinions and ranting. I’m not crafting thoughtful essays or journalistic documentaries. I have to prepared to receive harsh, sarcastic, and emotional criticisms. I can already feel the external and internal pressures to conform to an invisible standard. Being involved in media is like being a rock in a river; your jagged edges become smooth over time. This must be how mediocrity happens.

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