More Viacom ranting… this time by “Not The Daily Show”

In the past I’ve vented my anger with media conglomerate Viacom and their fascist approach to new media content. With the ongoing writer’s strike over internet revenues, it’s become painfully clear that companies like Viacom are unfairly taking advantage of the emerging virtual marketplace. As eyeballs shift away from traditional media toward new, unfamiliar territory, like youtube and cell phones, has created a fog of uncertainty and trepidation that allowed for exploitation by these major media giants. Clearity is finally being recovered and the Writer’s Guild wants a piece of the big internet revenue pie. We could smell it baking but Viacom keeps telling us there’s no food in the kitchen. Oh really Viacom? Then why are there crumbs all over your two face, bitch!?

Here’s an episode of “Not The Daily Show” from the picket line…

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