Britney Spears’ Nipples

Britney and I are no longer teenagers, but it seems we both still have a little more growing to do. Despite her troubles, I really shouldn’t judge her maturity issues. I still act like 16 year old when it comes to women’s breasts. Nothing delights me more than when sexy celebrities in tight shirts forget to wear bras. Here’s the latest Britney Spears paparazzi photos. The first thing I noticed was her nipples piercing through her shirt fabric. When will we ever grow up Britney?Britney Spears Nipples 

The Sun UK: BRITNEY SPEARS was last night being comforted by the man she regards as her ONLY true friend — a paparazzi snapper from Birmingham. Britney, 26 — who ripped an IV drip from her arm and refused further treatment — bizarrely told loved ones the paparazzi are now the only people she trusts.She said of new love Ghalib, whose Brummie dad used to run a clothing business: “He’s my only friend in the world.”   



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