Weird Korean Ice Cream Commercial

This is a commercial for Super Cool Korean Ice Cream. The girl in the video is Seo Woo. I think the song she’s singing is called “Ok Me Wa Ka”. I think the dance she’s doing, if you can call it a dance, is supposed to be Crunk. But who the hell really knows for sure!? For all we know she could be going into diabetic shock. And why does the ice cream she eats resemble a dark, chunky turd of shit? All of that aside, the girl is quite sexy in her super tight black hot pants and her retardedness is kind of a turn on. That crazy babbling she does remembers me of Leeloo, the orange haired hottie in the 5th Element. Here’s another Korean commercial. This one has a cute girl who, in the male imagination, appears to be giving a sloppy blowjob.  Hawt!

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