10,000 B.C. Movie Review podcast

 Foreskin Radio Episode 122 – Prehistory Shamania! 

  • This conversation was inspired by the movie 10,000 B.C.
  • Spoiler alert… our review shouldn’t ruin it for you; maybe enhance your enjoyment
  • We talk with DSJ about Inner Mongolia
  • In the background, she’s watching video of Taiwanese group S.H.E.
  • We discuss body modification, tribalism, anthropology…
  • Religion, Ritual, Shamanism and modern Ayahuasca usage
  • Prehistoric narratives of early human civilization
  • Blue Eyes was genetic mutation
  • Issues with the movie, writing quality, continuity, etc.
  • Comparing it to Apocalypto and 300
  • Myth of Atlantis, Hotlantis!
  • Hinduism and the historical significance of mythology
  • etc etc etc…
  • 10,000 bc
  •  intro song: Matt Westcott: “Ballad of Graham The Caveman”
  • outro song: The KLF: “Justified and Ancient” 



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