420 Vancouver 2008

April 24, 2008

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April 20, 2008. Vancouver Art Gallery. Marijuana Legalization Demonstration. Speech by NDP Candidate Dana Larsen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dana_Larsen Speech by Green Party candidate John Shavluk http://www.calculatedchaos.ca/?p=137 Speech by Jodie Emery, wife of Marc Emery: Canada’s Prince of Pot, publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine http://www.cannabisculture.com, legalization activist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Emery Brought to you by Foreskin Radio @ http://www.foreskinradio.com

The Mermaid Dilemma

April 19, 2008

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Solving the mermaid dilemma. Would you rather have sexual relations with a mermaid with the top half human but bottom half fish, or the reverse with a fish face but human bottom? Check out Foreskin Radio http://www.foreskinradio.com For more in depth discussions

Hanging Out at Sushi Restaurant

April 19, 2008

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The boys of Foreskin Radio hang out on the patio of their favorite sushi restaurant Asasaka and record some bonus footage. http://www.foreskinradio.com

5 Hot Japanese School Girls Bully Teacher

April 19, 2008

Five hot Japanese school girls use their feminine powers of upskirt panties to bully and humiliate a substitute teacher. Scene cut from porn film so it has no nudity. It’s still hot though.

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Akiho Yoshizawa is Seducing Me

April 19, 2008

Akiho Yoshizawa seductive on a train

Akiho Yoshizawa interview

Akiho Yoshizawa Changes Into 20 Costumes

Orchids Fool Male Wasps Into Gay Sex!

April 10, 2008

Evolution is gay and now there’s scientific proof. Male orchids dress themselves in drag to fool horny young male wasps into homo-erotic pollination sex. Here’s the scene… It’s a sunny day. You’re flying around with your wasp buddies looking for hot petal. You spot a vivacious pink orchid and get intoxicated by her sweet perfume. “Don’t go over there bro,” advices your wasp buddy. “I think that flower might be a dude!” By this time you’re too horned up to care. You nuzzle up against her inner labellum. Blissfully unaware, her stamen enlarges as you buzz in ecstasy. Next thing you know, you’re covered in the orchid’s man nectar having a “Crying Game” moment. Your wasp buddies will never let you live this one down.  



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Highway to Vansterdam, 420 project

April 6, 2008

Would you like to be part of a documentary that shows how people celebrates April 20 in Vancouver, Canada ?. If your answer is yes we would like to hear from you. All you need is a camcorder and some skills using it, your imagination and the availability to be in Vansterdam on that day. 
Please check our myspace to contact us !





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