Highway to Vansterdam, 420 project

Would you like to be part of a documentary that shows how people celebrates April 20 in Vancouver, Canada ?. If your answer is yes we would like to hear from you. All you need is a camcorder and some skills using it, your imagination and the availability to be in Vansterdam on that day. 
Please check our myspace to contact us !





A few things to consider :


1 – While recording, travelers should not mention where are they going or why .


2 – Participants are encouraged to join other fellow travelers that are going on the road to Vancouver to attend this event.

Our My Space top friends list includes those users that are going to attend this event; making easier to the participants to exchange ideas about what to film and get together later. A forum has been created for this purpose as well. Fictional stories are very welcome so please.. be creative !


3 – You can submit your tape too if you are coming to Vancouver by plane, hot air balloon, horse or a cruise ship.


4 – The meeting of the travelers will be made with their cameras already recording and its going to take place in the back of the art gallery in the morning of next April 20. We are going to edit this scenes using split screen (or picture in picture ). We are also studying the possibility of the creation of a circle of filmmakers where we are going to pass our cameras on recording mode one to each other for few minutes.


5 – We are going to send to each participant an small sticker for his camera so we can recognize the people that are taking part of the project.


6 – At the end of the event we are going to collect all the tapes, once we have a copy of the material we are going to return it to their respective owners.


7 – We encourage the use of 3 CCD cameras and HDV. We accept the following formats : Mini DV,DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO. If you have any questions about formats or cameras let us know. Please send us information about the model of your camera.


8 – We need to know in advance how many people would like to take part in this, so please send us a message.

Please only email us if you are serious about getting involved.You can be part of this film… so dont hesitate and contact us.



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