Death of the Middle Class

 Are we really a society consuming itself to death? Or are we an alienated society just fighting to survive? The promise and prosperity of the middle class in North America has been eroding over the past 30 years. Families need two incomes to compete economically but that extra income maybe the cause of further strife. Is the true inflation numbers much higher than the government would have us believe? Now that food and oil prices are sky rocketing, could this just be the market balancing itself out after 30 years of distortion and manipulation? Times are getting tough for many families. We need to re-evaluate our perceptions and assumptions over the past 3 decades. It seems the last generation was our collective peak, and now the next generation must face the decline.  

The following is an important lecture to watch if you are frustrated with the myths of the middle class not holding up to reality. Economic data comparing families from 1971 to families from 2003, adjusted for inflation, reveal 


On a lighter note, three teenage girls made a video for Matthew Good’s “Middle Class Gangsters”. I thought it would be relevant the point out how the suburbs are becoming the new ghetto. Maybe they always were and we just didn’t want to believe it. For years we thought we were the privileged, prosperous, economic back bone of society. In actuality, we were just the great washed masses, the old proletariat, working class peasants. Our media propaganda has bolstered the population to believe we belong to a higher social status. Maybe it was a rebranding technique to help fight our ideological battle against the evil Commies. Now that the USSR is gone, that fabric of illusion is unravelling. The true state of society is revealed and it looks a lot like Soviet Russia did before she collapsed. Just saying. This was just supposed to be a brief intro to the video, but it’s turning into a propaganda infused rant about the disenchantment of the middle class. Anyways, check out Matthew Good’s blog, its worth your time. Unlike this blog *emo sigh*

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