Is World War 3 set to erupt?

The US is building up a large naval force in the Persian Gulf to create a blockade against Iran. This could trigger the long desire war with Iran the US has been, so far, unsuccessful at starting. Iran vowed to strike US interests in region if an attack against them occurs. Kuwait began finalizing its “emergency war plan” on being told the vessels were bound for the region.”  US ally, Georgia, is currently in combat with Russia who has activated its military and is moving forces to the area. Iran, Russia, and China have a little known mutual protection pact which means these countries will come to the aid of each other if attacked. The US could come to the aid of Georgia but it doesn’t want war with Russia. Likewise, the US cannot openly attack Iran without proper provocation or else risk drawing in Iran’s allies. If Iran were to act in direct aggression against the US naval build up, then the US would have legitimate grounds for retaliation. This strategy could backfire if Russia decides it’s ready and willing for a major fight. 

On a sidenote, George Bush is the first US president to attend an Olympics on foreign soil. 



The build up of naval forces in the Gulf will be one of the largest multi-national naval armadas since the First and Second Gulf Wars. The intent is to create a US/EU naval blockade (which is an Act of War under international law) around Iran (with supporting air and land elements) to prevent the shipment of benzene and certain other refined oil products headed to Iranian ports. Iran has limited domestic oil refining capacity and imports 40% of its benzene. Cutting off benzene and other key products would cripple the Iranian economy. The neo-cons are counting on such a blockade launching a war with Iran.

The large and very advanced nature of the US Naval warships is not only directed at Iran. There is a great fear that Russia and China may oppose the naval and air/land blockade of Iran. If Russian and perhaps Chinese naval warships escort commercial tankers to Iran in violation of the blockade it could be the most dangerous at-sea confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The US and allied Navies, by front loading a Naval blockade force with very powerful guided missile warships and strike carriers is attempting to have a force so powerful that Russia and China will not be tempted to mess with. This is a most serious game of military brinkmanship with major nuclear armed powers that have profound objections to the neo-con grand strategy and to western control of all of the Middle East’s oil supply.

One Response to Is World War 3 set to erupt?

  1. Dave says:

    World war III might be coming, and it won’t be pretty

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