Playing Wii Fit with a Japanese Maid

Playing Wii Fit with a Japanese Maid

Translated by Babelfish from original website:

On member system refreshment club August 14th candy fruit refreshment club – made is it opened in the Suehiro Cho station vicinity, refreshment club “CANDY of member system FRUITES Refresh Club (candy fruit refreshment club)” it went. It is the store which made and does four menus of the sport game and the yoga stretch etc which used Wii Fit in 1 to and 1 refreshes. If now, with opening commemoration experience course (30 minutes) it can try for 1500 Yen.

From the candy fruit where candy fruit refreshment club – made adapts with the made clothes and the like, this time refreshment club “candy fruit refreshment club” of member system opened in Akihabara. Of course, it is the refreshment club where made is. “Candy fruit refreshment club” is refreshment club of the member system which helps the fact that made refreshes the body of the customer. four refreshment menus of “yoga stretch” “sport game” “[rihurekusoroji]” “ear pick”, made and it is designed in such a way that it can be refreshed pleasantly by the fact that together it does. On August 14th according to of the Suehiro Cho station nearby Kuramae bridge we opened in paralleling. [kiyandeihurutsu] [rihuretsushiyukurabu] is club of member system, but presently (at the time of article compilation) with in open commemoration campaign, “experience course (30 minutes)” doing to try for 1500 Yen, when it likes, it is designed in such a way that it can become the member. As for experience course the sport game which used Wii Fit you challenge made and together. As for the place of the store of [kiyandeihurutsu] [rihuretsushiyukurabu], when outside is the Suehiro Cho station according to of the Kuramae bridge the wife love hill crossover (the Ochanomizu direction) it keeps walking from the Kanda five Chome crossover it is forward the wife love hill crossover. When it is from the JR Akihabara station, when according to the center it goes to the straight Suehiro Cho station and crosses the signal it is straight on the left.

The brown which has the “Japanese-style coffee rattan” it is in the 1st floor and they are the 3rd floor of the building, (the left). As for the entrance there is a right hand of the building, can rise with the elevator (the right). When it gets off the elevator at the 3rd floor, because there is an entrance in the right hand, opening the door, it enters. It seems that is the times when also the event and the like has done. When it enters into [kiyandeihurutsu] [rihuretsushiyukurabu], it sits down first in the lobby. Correspond with this club, all made. When it begins, it receives explanation from made, first it means to ask experience course. The acceptance lobby (the left) with, it corresponded, the made (right). When you become the member, it reaches the point where the refreshment menu can be chosen from this four menus. Time there are 30 minute courses and 60 minute courses. After new one receiving experience course (only the sport game) first, it is decided whether or not you become the member.

Because this time it is unprecedented, the flow of experience course is explained. When acceptance is completed, made guides to the booth. As for the booth of the sport game there is a space where the sport game of Wii Fit is possible, it is dividing and spreading. There is a sofa and the large size monitor, there is Wii Fit. Here made and it does the sport game in 1 to and 1 refreshes the body. Booth of sport game. With the booth of the appearance being divided with the book shelf, because made and they are two human drills, the eye around does not become matter of concern. Such made and together Wii Fit it is possible and the [chi] [ya] bears and does. There is no reason which cannot be made pleasant. “Wii having or, operation or there is no [wa] can, but it is, with the one which is said all right. Made does operation. By your Wii are it has not touched, but made operated entirely. Because you teach also the method of Wii Fit, the game feeling at rest even with the person who is not done at all, it can concentrate on play.

Here, the menu “of the possession oxygen motion” “balance game” of Wii Fit is done. While having challenged to Wii Fit, because made supports with side, also shout enters. Rather than the Wii [tsu] [te] doing perhaps alone, you think that the y y with the multitude it is pleasant to do, it is. When so you become the adult, getting together with everyone, the opportunity which the game is done so how so without being, actuality. Especially, when Wii Fit how you do alone, may become three day monk, is, but when made supports with side, it probably is certainly to last long. The fact that in such feeling pleasantly everyone the leprosy can refresh the body between and the [chi] [ya] uninformed says, at the point where this “candy fruit refreshment club” is good. With experience course, as for the inside 15 minutes of 30 parts it does Wii Fit and as for remaining half made chats so is. This ratio depends on the person, because so is, also it is possible directly to do Wii Fit. When this experience course after doing, it likes, it is accustomed to the member. Because it is member system, there is a year fee, but year fee is 1 annual 1000 Yen. Because presently (at the time of article compilation) with opening commemoration also this year fee has become free, now chance! When you become the member, it reaches the point where it can choose also the other menu, it reaches the point where a wider refreshment menu can be received. In addition, because it reaches the point where it can choose also 60 minute courses, with the sport game made and challenging Wii Fit with alternation possibility. When the number is rivaled, this and it may incandesce, is. After [kiyandeihurutsu] [rihuretsushiyukurabu] opening, already the member broke 100, so is. Being the times where the person who uses the air in the body is many, considerably it is popularity. The day going basically, directly it can receive service, so is, but because also the possibility of having become all the way with reservation is high, before going, telephoning the male be completed it does that you verify & reserve. Because also the made going to work schedule is published to the sight of [kiyandeihurutsu] [rihuretsushiyukurabu], reference. This time it corresponded, made Emi. The polite reception whose feeling is good was very done. This made receives everyone original made mark, so is. It has been said Emi, when “[kiyandeihurutsu] [rihuretsushiyukurabu] also refreshes heart simultaneously with the refreshment of the body, returning, it is the club which can be sent out with the smiling face.”With is. It is splendid, is. And made of course has worn the made clothes of the candy fruit. Wearing the various made clothes with the day substituting, because the [ru] so is, that is one of the pleasure.

However we would like to move the body, as for the real sport gym just a little… with, it can go this [kiyandeihurutsu] [rihuretsushiyukurabu] with ease even with the one which is said and, certainly it may to be continued to be pleasant, because is, the male be completed is.


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