Sperm Wars, episode 1: The Phantom Foreskin

June 5, 2008

The great circumcision debate is at the heart of the Foreskin Radio podcast. We believe it is important to discuss this issue openly and without shame. Whether you are cut or uncut, the foreskin is crucial and controversial part of manhood. Why is the foreskin such a contentious topic? Is it merely for health or religious reasons; or is there something more anthropological about circumcision?

A recent article discusses man circumcision as a weapon in the sperm wars:


Why do some societies perform risky genital mutilations on their men? The answer may lie in the sexual threat posed by young men to their elders.  

Impotency: Blame Women!

May 12, 2008

According to the following Russian article, women in western society are to blame for male impotency issue because their too damn sexy! Apparently, whenever a man sees a provocatively dressed woman he becomes aroused but is unable to satisfy that desire so he feels he’s been rejected thus giving him a limp dick. One way to resolve this problem is for women to dress more conservatively. Of course, they’d probably tell men to go fuck themselves. A solution to relieve women’s stalwart opposition to that old style misogyny would be for the courts to once again except the rape change defense: “Did you see what she was wearing? She was asking for it!” However, let’s not react to this report in a regressive manner. Other countries in the world may still practice such archaic oppression of women and sexuality. I won’t name an names *cough* Iran *cough* but clearly it is unfair to punishment women for evolution’s evil trick on modern men. Science can help alleviate the some of the problem with expensive impotency pills. Maybe women could step up and give their men a break once and while. After all, if they weren’t so damn sexy, we’d be hard all the time.       

Men become impotent because of women’s low-cut dresses and bare legs


Russian physiologist Leonid Kitaev-Smyk has stated that most male diseases are caused by women who adhere to provocative clothes and behaviour. As a result, the Western civilization gradually turns into the society of sexually unsatisfied men and eventually unsuccessful and physically unhealthy men, the scientist considers.

Since the start of the sexual revolution women of the developed world took to wearing revealing clothes, while Oriental women still wear gowns and yashmaks, said Leonid Kitaev-Smyk, the senior research officer of the Russian Research Institute of Culturology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In the street men cannot satisfy all desires they have. They see naked parts of the body – miniskirts and transparent tops. The modern fashion gives rise to male lust. So there is much lust, but little satisfaction. What does it have to do with the disease? We can draw an analogy with the fauna. If a male is weak, a female will see it and reject the male. This male cannot win a female, for there is a defensive mechanism in nature – this male suffers from prostatitis and impotency.


Nowadays, 70 percent of impotency is a natural defensive reaction to stresses caused by constant unsatisfied arousal. But this reaction is rather long-standing.

Thus, women dig a grave for men’s health with their bare legs and low-cut dresses. Every nice girl going on a date with a sexy top on will make only one man happy and a dozen men on her way will suffer from her revealing looks. In this case strippers are weapons of mass destruction; they have already turned the Western civilization into the society with limited erection.


Sexologists made up the list of impotency-causing activities:


  • Scrutinizing internet pornography 
  • Watching erotica and pornography on video 
  • Staring at scantily-clad girls in the street 
  • Reading erotic magazines
  • Going to striptease clubs

Orchids Fool Male Wasps Into Gay Sex!

April 10, 2008

Evolution is gay and now there’s scientific proof. Male orchids dress themselves in drag to fool horny young male wasps into homo-erotic pollination sex. Here’s the scene… It’s a sunny day. You’re flying around with your wasp buddies looking for hot petal. You spot a vivacious pink orchid and get intoxicated by her sweet perfume. “Don’t go over there bro,” advices your wasp buddy. “I think that flower might be a dude!” By this time you’re too horned up to care. You nuzzle up against her inner labellum. Blissfully unaware, her stamen enlarges as you buzz in ecstasy. Next thing you know, you’re covered in the orchid’s man nectar having a “Crying Game” moment. Your wasp buddies will never let you live this one down.  



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