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Foreskin Radio free audio podcast subscribe with iTunes right now                                                                                                                          FR132 – Ironic Fetish Parade!  FR131 – Couch Surfers!  FR130 – Hood Rats!  FR128 – Second Hand High!  FR127 – 420 in Vamsterdam!  FR126 – Flowers For Hitler!  FR124 – Otaku Jerk Shirt! FR122 – Prehistoric Shamanism! FR120 – Liquid Courage Lunacy! FR119 – Stop, Cock, & Roll! FR118 – Gung Ho Fat Choy! FR117 – Rodimus Honky Blues! FR116 – Tropical Frost!FR115 – A Darker Shade Of Jaundice!FR112 – Xmas Bro Hugs!FR111 – The Sketching!FR109 – Debbie Does Disney!

3 Responses to Listen to the podcast

  1. mikegili says:


    I would like to use audio files on my blog. Where can I find the software you are using ?



  2. These audio players are provided by WordPress which has a FAQ about posting audio.

    I use to host my mp3 files.

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