5 Hot Japanese School Girls Bully Teacher

April 19, 2008

Five hot Japanese school girls use their feminine powers of upskirt panties to bully and humiliate a substitute teacher. Scene cut from porn film so it has no nudity. It’s still hot though.

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Miss Universe Japan 2008

April 3, 2008

Hiroko Mima wins Miss Universe Japan 2008 title

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Swimsuit Photo Shoot:

Finalists Promo Video:  Hawt!  

Top 10 Sexiest Asian Babes…

February 28, 2008
Top 10 Sexiest Asian babes in the world according to tutztutz.com
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http://www.tutztutz.com/2008/02/top-10-sexiest-asian-babes-in-the-world/1. Maria Ozawa – 

French-Canadian Bikini Babe Maria Ozawa! We’re a sucker for hapas, and Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi has the perfect mix to get our blood boiling. Born January 9, 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan, Ozawa is half-Japanese and half French-Canadian, giving her an exotic look that’s made her a huge success in Japan.



Wiki for Hot Chicks

January 30, 2008

Chickipedia a wikipedia for models, actresses, and hot babes in general. Example: Jessica AlbaJessica Alba by ~ShiZnEb 

Chickipedia is the world’s largest web-based, women-based, wiki-based database of hot chicks on the planet. It is entirely user generated, making it the first female-only encyclopedia of the people, by the people, and for the people. All you have to do is have access to the internet, log on, go to our “Add New Chick” link, and voila—you can create a new article, or revise an existing one. Just be sure to do so within our guidelines or risk being spanked. Hard.  


Booze Girls

January 8, 2008

Drunk girls glorifying alcohol consumption. I found this killer track by the “Bourbon Family” from an old vinyl record, collected 300 pics of shitfaced chicks, and made a slideshow. Everybody party hard, but party responsibly, okay! Hawt! 

How many naked japanese girls can you fit in a phone booth?

December 6, 2007

It’s the age old question: How many naked japanese girls can you fit in a phone booth? Finally, we have the answer. All the girls are naked in this video. Why? Well, none of the girls thought to object. It’s amazing what you can get done by just asking nicely.Click here to watch the video:Naked Japanese Girls in a Phone BoothHawt!