Martial Law in America coming in October

September 24, 2008

Beginning in October, the Army plans to station an active unit inside 
the United States for the first time to serve as an on-call federal 
response in times of emergency. The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st 
Brigade Combat Team has spent thirty-five of the last sixty months in 
Iraq, but now the unit is training for domestic operations. The unit 
will soon be under the day-to-day control of US Army North, the Army 
service component of Northern Command. The Army Times reports this new 
mission marks the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated 
assignment to Northern Command. The paper says the Army unit may be 
called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control. The soldiers 
are learning to use so-called nonlethal weapons designed to subdue 
unruly or dangerous individuals and crowds. 

Marital Law in Action at RNC

September 5, 2008

In preemptive arrests, 8 activists were charged with “Conspiracy to commit riot”, which is a federal offense, and could lead to a sentence of 7 years. These were members of the RNC Welcoming Committee accused of assisting and coordinating protesters who, during the week of the Republican National Convention, became involved in clashes with riot police. Although the 8 did not directly participle in criminals acts during the actual protest marches, due in part to their earlier arrests, they bear the responsibility of the actions of those who did commit the acts according to authorities. The arrests were made after extensive surveillance of all the members and executed on Saturday, August 30 in daylight raids with weapons drawn. 


American Facists are funny

September 23, 2007

Facism is alive and well in America. There’s insercurity and fear in the hearts of Americans which has allowed for wiretapping, torture, foreign wars, electoral fraud, etc. to go unchallenged. Corporate power has become the doctrine of the goverment. Alan Greenspan has recently admitted the true reason for the invasion of Iraq is oil, which has been vehemently denied by the Bush administation. Suspicions still loom about the twin tower collapse and the mysterious implosion of building no. 7. Hilter said “The great masses of people. . .will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.” We are living a history lesson. I remember the “great question” our teachers posed us: (see The Wave) How could the good people of Germany be so complicant to the evils of the Nazis? It takes a systematic shakedown of institutions, a shock to the nation’s psyche, an enemy to hate, and a superior ideal to fight for. Here’s a definition of fasicism from Robert Paxton: “A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.” America has been primed. If another major shock, as in terrorist attack or stock market crash, were to take place, could America fall off the edge into darkness? The following video is from a comedy show in Australian famous for breaching security at the APEC summit in Sydney dressed up as Bin Ladin. This clip highlights that shadow of fasicism that has been cast over the hearts of some Americans. Its hilarious but should also serve as a moral alarm. Insert quote: learn from past or doomed repeat. Anyways, watch the video but if you don’t chuckle at it and find yourself nodding: go get therapy.