Parking Lot Stoners (Prof B’s Birthday)

September 10, 2008

[ ?posts_id=1257293&dest=6059] It’s Professor Bestestes’ Birthday and Fleetwood Mack has a special gift for him: a big flat joint! They clown around getting high in a movie theatre parking lot before seeing Pineapple Express.

Its Hard To Give Dating Advice

April 5, 2008

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Advice Podmovie. Its hard to pack a sandwich. Its hard to meet people. Its hard to be authentic. And its hard to give dating advice.

Hope for desperate men on Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2008

Scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have studied an interesting behavior in rats that provides insight into similar human traits. It’s a common observation that women are consistently more attractive to men who are sexually active than men who’ve gone months just jerking it alone. This phenomenon has been seen with rats. Furthermore, the fabled “pussy stink”, an odor men retain after sex which women seem to detect like a pheromone, has also been observed. This could lead to the discovery of the essence of “mojo”. If scientists could isolate this rat mojo, they may one day be able to synthesis a human version. Imagine a cologne as powerful as the attraction fantasies seen in those deodorant body spray commercials. Until that beautiful future arrives you’ll have to endure another futile night at the bar striking out with women who can smell the sad desperation on you. The best advice for getting back on the hot sex gravy train is still: fuck the fatty. You need to cover yourself with a new pussy stink, so start at the bottom and work your way up the hotness ladder. 

Females love the sweet smell of sexual success    

13 February 2008 news service

It might be the sweet smell of success or the bitter whiff of despair, but there’s something in the odour of a male rat that tells a female whether he’s been copulating like crazy or starved of sex for days. And to make matters worse for frustrated males, the females much prefer the smell of road-tested studs……The study seems to illustrate the maxim “success breeds success”. It’s highly likely that the female rats are attracted by the smell of the sexually active male, rather than repelled by the stench of desperation from the sex-starved one, says Galef.”It’s unlikely that males would evolve a signal that makes them unattractive to females,” he notes.


Downtime with the Doctor

November 20, 2007

 Dr Lickalottapus of Foreskin Radio records his musings, ramblings, observations and insights on his downtown around Metro Vancouver at the end of October.