Ai Amano Japanese Idol Race Queen

January 20, 2009

Ai Amano Japanese Idol Race Queen

Gravure and cosplay model Ai Amano

[BWH] HRQ0041P 天野あい (4/4)

Japanese Maid Cosplay Fetish

October 5, 2008

As Halloween fast approaches, our thoughts, at Foreskin Radio, turn toward Japanese cosplay girls. Is it wrong to desire a cute Japanese maid for hire? She arrives in her sexy maid outfit ready to daintily dust your bachelor pad as you ogle and leer over her bent rear. It’s an otaku fantasy many of us favor. Halloween is really the only time such as fetish could be successfully suggested without the backlash female indignation. Now is the time to encourage your girlfriend to suite up in such a sensually submissive costume. With any luck, she’ll want to make it a year round ritual.  

Yuka Kyomoto sometimes spelled Yuka Kyuomoto is a pretty 22 year old gravure idol from Niigata prefecture who is popular with the otaku crowd because of her sexy cosplay videos.

Akiho Yoshizawa is Seducing Me

April 19, 2008

Akiho Yoshizawa seductive on a train

Akiho Yoshizawa interview

Akiho Yoshizawa Changes Into 20 Costumes

Virtual Japanese Girlfriend: Aki Hoshino

March 12, 2008