Inflation Tsunami Warning… it’s coming!

September 19, 2008

I love Max Keiser of Karmabanque Radio. His boisterous, outrageous style of financial commentary had him pigeonholed as a kind of conspiracy theory blowhard. However, now that the sky is really falling in the American economy, Max is starting to be touted as a sort of genius prophet. Anyone who has been following his podcast, for the past 3 or 4 years, is only surprised this banking collapse took so long to materialize. This could be the end of America as we know it. A tsunami of inflation is going to hit the US dollar. The tide has left the beach. What are you going do? Stand on the shore scratching your head? Or run for higher ground?

Anyways, here’s a few of Max’s recent tv appearances…

Max says that ultimately it will be good for the developing world who have the savings and resources. End of the US dollar as reserve currency.

Max about the fears that Wall Street’s woes will spread around the world.

Max says that the financial crisis is an aftershock of 9-11. 


The following is much better explanation of the coming US dollar inflation tsunami than I’ve ever been able to articulate. This is from a Canadian blog: Critical Brain Candy

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Death of the Middle Class

May 4, 2008

 Are we really a society consuming itself to death? Or are we an alienated society just fighting to survive? The promise and prosperity of the middle class in North America has been eroding over the past 30 years. Families need two incomes to compete economically but that extra income maybe the cause of further strife. Is the true inflation numbers much higher than the government would have us believe? Now that food and oil prices are sky rocketing, could this just be the market balancing itself out after 30 years of distortion and manipulation? Times are getting tough for many families. We need to re-evaluate our perceptions and assumptions over the past 3 decades. It seems the last generation was our collective peak, and now the next generation must face the decline.  

The following is an important lecture to watch if you are frustrated with the myths of the middle class not holding up to reality. Economic data comparing families from 1971 to families from 2003, adjusted for inflation, reveal 


On a lighter note, three teenage girls made a video for Matthew Good’s “Middle Class Gangsters”. I thought it would be relevant the point out how the suburbs are becoming the new ghetto. Maybe they always were and we just didn’t want to believe it. For years we thought we were the privileged, prosperous, economic back bone of society. In actuality, we were just the great washed masses, the old proletariat, working class peasants. Our media propaganda has bolstered the population to believe we belong to a higher social status. Maybe it was a rebranding technique to help fight our ideological battle against the evil Commies. Now that the USSR is gone, that fabric of illusion is unravelling. The true state of society is revealed and it looks a lot like Soviet Russia did before she collapsed. Just saying. This was just supposed to be a brief intro to the video, but it’s turning into a propaganda infused rant about the disenchantment of the middle class. Anyways, check out Matthew Good’s blog, its worth your time. Unlike this blog *emo sigh*

Debt is Slavery, Money is Debt

March 23, 2008

The fractional reserve monetary system is the wellspring of many sinister conspiracy theories. However, the simple truth of how the world economy functions is as real as the air you breathe. It’s important to understand the nature of the engine that drives of daily lives.  Attribute to it whatever folktale you wish to help your mind come to terms with the realty: shadow gov’ts, new world order, reptilian overlords, whatever. Our economy is only sustainable by perpetual exponential growth. This is growth is arguably responsible for global warming, war, pestilence and famine. It is the beast upon which the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride (sorry to go biblical, couldn’t resist). The current monetary system enslaves us all, turning the people of the world into parasites, instead of caretakers, of the Earth. The inequities created by this system pits brother against brother, makes kings of immoral men, and averts governments away from the pleas of it’s peoples. Unfortunately, we must continue to feed this growth or else our economy will crash and cause much suffering. We are slaves to it. However, if we continue on this path, it will lead to our collective destruction. This is the essence of the apocalypse myth. It has happened to many nations and empires in the past. Humanity has yet to learn the harsh lessons of our history… blah blah blah…Anyways, whenever I attempt to explain, with my limited knowledge, the financial situation we face, I always end up sounding like a raving lunatic. I take comfort in learning there are many other lunatics in the world who are raising their voices in hopes of positive change. The following is a video called “Money As Debt” by Paul Grignon that explains our current banking system in easy to understand terms.  For further discussions on the coming collapse of the US economy read this article from Rick Falkvinge of the Pirate Party.  

Don’t be shocked by the US Dollar Collapse

March 21, 2008

Here’s a few videos to help you prepare psychologically for the inevitable collapse of the US dollar.  If you’re still not convinced, read this interesting thread from BoingBoing and/or listen to Max Keiser‘s daily podcast Karmabanque Radio. Find out what the American media isn’t allowed to tell you. When it comes to the health of the US dollar: mum’s the word. However, with more and more major banking institutions begging for gov’t bail outs, it’s getting very difficult to keep a lid on the truth about this financial crisis.  America can put its fingers in its ears and sing “la la la” for only so long.  Don’t be caught with your pants down. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.