Red Pepper Girls in Sexy Maid Outfits

January 8, 2009

Red Pepper Girls in Sexy Maid Outfits

Happy JINSEI~ meteor JET2.0~Hyper Speed Way twins Korean J-POP K-POP DAI motsu M.O.V.E [akiba] AKIBA Akihabara Shibuya Victor VICTOR [kiyariokimeidokosupure] KOREA TWINS [tsuinzu] girls rock [garuzurotsuku

ニコニコJINSEI~流星JET2.0~Hyper Speed Way 双子 韓国 J-POP K-POP DAI motsu M.O.V.E アキバ AKIBA 秋葉原 渋谷 ビクター VICTOR キャリオキ メイド コスプレ KOREA TWINS ツインズ girls rock ガールズロック


Akiho Yoshizawa is Seducing Me

April 19, 2008

Akiho Yoshizawa seductive on a train

Akiho Yoshizawa interview

Akiho Yoshizawa Changes Into 20 Costumes

Miss Universe Japan 2008

April 3, 2008

Hiroko Mima wins Miss Universe Japan 2008 title

click here to read interview in Japanese and English 



Click here to see photos of Hiroko and the other 9 Finalists 


Swimsuit Photo Shoot:

Finalists Promo Video:  Hawt!  

How many naked japanese girls can you fit in a phone booth?

December 6, 2007

It’s the age old question: How many naked japanese girls can you fit in a phone booth? Finally, we have the answer. All the girls are naked in this video. Why? Well, none of the girls thought to object. It’s amazing what you can get done by just asking nicely.Click here to watch the video:Naked Japanese Girls in a Phone BoothHawt! 

Fembot For Blowjobs

November 30, 2007

This female robot was intentional designed to assist in dental training. However, with a mouth like hers, you might see this android at your favorite Sex Shop giving blowjobs for tokens. She even has a simulated gag reflex for lifelike deep throat action. Once again, thank you Japan.  

Eco-friendly Chopstick Bra

November 22, 2007

Japan’s eco-friendly chopstick bra.The latest in environmentally sensitive lingerie, an uplifting message is supported by a ready-to-wear or dine bra.Hawt!