Ai Amano Japanese Idol Race Queen

January 20, 2009

Ai Amano Japanese Idol Race Queen

Gravure and cosplay model Ai Amano

[BWH] HRQ0041P 天野あい (4/4)

Playing Wii Fit with a Japanese Maid

January 8, 2009

Playing Wii Fit with a Japanese Maid

Translated by Babelfish from original website:

On member system refreshment club August 14th candy fruit refreshment club – made is it opened in the Suehiro Cho station vicinity, refreshment club “CANDY of member system FRUITES Refresh Club (candy fruit refreshment club)” it went. It is the store which made and does four menus of the sport game and the yoga stretch etc which used Wii Fit in 1 to and 1 refreshes. If now, with opening commemoration experience course (30 minutes) it can try for 1500 Yen.

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D/T with Doctor: Japanese Mentorship [audio]

November 14, 2008

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Downtime with the Doctor. Dr. Lickalottapus of Foreskin Radio mentors Japanese students on English and North America culture. In turn, he learns about the culture and language of Japan.

Japanese Maid Cosplay Fetish

October 5, 2008

As Halloween fast approaches, our thoughts, at Foreskin Radio, turn toward Japanese cosplay girls. Is it wrong to desire a cute Japanese maid for hire? She arrives in her sexy maid outfit ready to daintily dust your bachelor pad as you ogle and leer over her bent rear. It’s an otaku fantasy many of us favor. Halloween is really the only time such as fetish could be successfully suggested without the backlash female indignation. Now is the time to encourage your girlfriend to suite up in such a sensually submissive costume. With any luck, she’ll want to make it a year round ritual.  

Yuka Kyomoto sometimes spelled Yuka Kyuomoto is a pretty 22 year old gravure idol from Niigata prefecture who is popular with the otaku crowd because of her sexy cosplay videos.

Midnight Society: Fleetwood Mack Daddy

June 4, 2008

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The Fleetwood Mack has a very important announcement to make. Smokey Robinson makes a virtual cameo. Professor Bestestes is stoned and enjoying a refreshing Sapporro. Warning this video may induce a marijuana-like high.

Stuck in Elevator with 8 Japanese Girls

May 29, 2008

A business man enters an elevator full of Japanese secretaries. There is an earthquake and the elevator becomes stuck for many hours. The girls are getting restless and hungry. The man uses his sushi lunch to persuade them to undress and show him their bras and panties. What else would you do in the same situation?

This is a clip without nudity.
To see the exciting finale got to

Hanging Out at Sushi Restaurant

April 19, 2008

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The boys of Foreskin Radio hang out on the patio of their favorite sushi restaurant Asasaka and record some bonus footage.