Parking Lot Stoners (Prof B’s Birthday)

September 10, 2008

[ ?posts_id=1257293&dest=6059] It’s Professor Bestestes’ Birthday and Fleetwood Mack has a special gift for him: a big flat joint! They clown around getting high in a movie theatre parking lot before seeing Pineapple Express.

Montreal on the Eve of Jazz Fest

July 12, 2008

[ ?posts_id=1078912&dest=6059] Prof Bestestes and Maharaja Mack Daddy hang out in downtown Montreal on the eve of the Jazz Festival. Part of a series of videos taken while along their travels. TransCanada travelogue audio podcast:

Midnight Society: Kingston

July 5, 2008

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Prof Bestestes and Maharaja Mack Daddy are in Kingston for a podcasting convention on the shores of Lake Ontario smoking some weed under the cover of a willow tree. Part of a series of videos taken while along their travels.

Prof B and the MMD: God is an Alcoholic father

June 14, 2008

Meta Chat on Philosophy and Theology

Prof Bestestes and the Maharaja Mack Daddy talk about philosophy and theology over Skype. Meta Chat is a new podcast segment idea where we discuss podcasting meta topics. This is our first attempt but it has nothing to do with meta yet. We actually come to the realization that God is an alcoholic father. Enjoy this conversation. Look out for more Extra Feeded content. 

Midnight Society: Fleetwood Mack Daddy

June 4, 2008

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The Fleetwood Mack has a very important announcement to make. Smokey Robinson makes a virtual cameo. Professor Bestestes is stoned and enjoying a refreshing Sapporro. Warning this video may induce a marijuana-like high.

Fleetwood Mack’s B-Day Tradition

May 9, 2008

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Each year, the Foreskin Radio crew gets together to celebrate the birthday of our boy, Fleetwood Mack, by smoking up at Trillium Point and then singing some karaoke. It’s become a tradition.

The Mermaid Dilemma

April 19, 2008

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Solving the mermaid dilemma. Would you rather have sexual relations with a mermaid with the top half human but bottom half fish, or the reverse with a fish face but human bottom? Check out Foreskin Radio For more in depth discussions